Neighbourhood Watch – Take A Walk Before You Buy!

Neighbourhood Watch – Take A Walk Before You Buy!

Justo Team | November 24, 2021

Every prospective home buyer goes through the bliss of poring over discovering gorgeous homes, both old and new. They imagine themselves coming home to it every day, tending to its lawn, cooking up a feast in its kitchen. How can you not? But with an abundance of physical and virtually staged photos manicuring homes to perfection these days, it can be easy to miss the most obvious yet crucial blind spot: Location, location, location!

Why You Should Always See Listings In Person

Too often, we are blinded by the picture-perfect home that we miss the mark on exactly where these listings are located. Here are three reasons why doing so before locking down a potential home can give you so much insight.

You get to see (or smell!) the nitty-gritty up close

The house is perfect. It’s right on the beach, mere blocks away from a sandy shoreline, which you love. With high ceilings and plenty of natural light, it would be the perfect oasis for all your plants. The house isn’t too old, but not too new – just enough character and charm without the need to unpack (and upkeep!) century-old brick facades or pipes.

As your real estate agent chats over the phone regarding your next scheduled viewing, you decide to take a quick walk around this beautiful neighbourhood. You wander over to the park only to get a huge whiff of pungent, burning, chemical odour–wait, what?!

Very often, something as simple as a stroll around a prospective neighbourhood can give away indicators that it might not be a desirable place for you. While it might not be as smelly as having smoky fumes floating around in close proximity, it might give away other undesirable factors you never would have gleaned from an online profile. Get a glimpse of potential deal breakers before you seal the deal.

You Get a sense of your future community

Walk through the neighbourhood to get a sense of community and observe the cultural, physical, and economical features it comes with. Depending on what stage you are in life, your expectations and desires will differ vastly – however, the most important thing is that the neighbourhood reflects your needs.

If you have children or are planning to have them, look for areas with good schools and childcare. Parks and community centres within walking or biking distance will not only enhance your family life, it can also help boost the value of your home down the line. If you are a city person, being in the heart of a downtown area with bustling arts and culture scenes might be the place for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a place with a more quiet vibe, you might want to search around rural or suburban streets.

Whatever your ideal neighbourhood qualities are, make sure to experience it with all of your five senses so that you can really imagine yourself living there. For a thorough visit, do a drive-by or a walk-around at various times of the day, like rush hour, as well as what the atmosphere is like on weekdays versus weekends.

You get to hear from the neighbours

In the times of Covid-19, going door-to-door to inquire about a neighbourhood is not the best idea. But if you happen to come across potential neighbours during a stroll, there’s no one better than the folks who have experience living there to ask questions to. Ask them what they like and dislike about where they live. What are the best places to shop? To dine? What are some quirks or fun facts about the area?

Ensure you speak to a variety of neighbours; people who have lived in the area for a long time, and recently transplanted homeowners. Getting a multiple perspectives will help you paint a better picture of your own possible future home and environment. Even though it can be tempting to squeeze in as many viewings as possible, take a breather, actually walk around the neighbourhood of your intended property, and have a chat with people who know about it better than you do.

Take a Tour with An Agent

While market needs and trends change with time, home location will always be the best indicator of home value; it’s undeniable. Are you interested in booking a viewing of a dream property? Let our friendly real estate agents show you around and help you find the perfect location near whatever amenities you need to succeed. Justo is committed to providing you with superior service, putting customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. Contact Us Today!

By Justo Team

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