Top Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Mississauga

Top Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Mississauga

Justo Team | November 19, 2021

‘Mississauga. A Great Place To Live,’ is the title of a report released by the City of Mississauga Economic Development Office back in 2007. The Economic Development Office had been tasked with an important role: to grow and strengthen the economic sector of Mississauga.

The report gives an enticing overview of the city and the amenities that existed almost 15 years ago, talks about health care, discusses the city’s public and private schools as well as its post-secondary educational institutions, and even provides information about public safety and security.

The purpose of the guide was to encourage people like you to move to Mississauga or open a business there. If we were asked to give our opinion on how well the Economic Development Office did its job improving the city’s economy, we’d have to give it an A+.

Since then, Mississauga’s population has grown by more than 50,000 and the municipality boasts at least 76 Fortune 500 companies, including GE, Cognizant, Oracle, and Western Digital.

It seems clear that Mississauga is considered a great place to work, but does that make it a great place to move to?

This article will talk about life in Mississauga, Ontario, the local services and amenities the city offers, and the neighbourhoods that make it an excellent place to live and raise a family.

What is it like to live in Mississauga?

In one word: Convenient. It’s one of the best things about the city. It seems to have everything! Let’s explore our top reasons we love Mississauga, and why we encourage our clients who are immigrating to Canada, considering leaving Toronto, or relocating to the GTA to thoughtfully consider it as a top option.

There Are Many Things to Do in Mississauga

While some municipalities in the GTA seem to lack character, Mississauga has it in spades. From quaint little neighbourhoods to the waterfront, extensive walking trails, some of the province’s best shopping centres (like Square One mall), a thriving downtown, a vibrant night scene, and plenty of festivals throughout the year, it’s difficult to run out of things to do in Mississauga.

Some of our favourite ways to spend time in Mississauga are:

Neighbourhoods in Mississauga

Choosing to live in Mississauga is synonymous with choosing to live in one of the most eclectic municipalities in Canada. Often called the “City of Villages,” Mississauga has been celebrated for its diversity, allowing each neighbourhood to vibrantly celebrate its unique flair and identity. Old world charm, luxury developments, cozy, family-friendly streets, bustling city life… Mississauga truly has it all!

You’ll always be able to grab breakfast on a Sunday morning, take a walk on a sunny afternoon or enjoy an elegant dinner in Mississauga. Some of our favourite neighbourhoods for spending time are Streetsville for an afternoon of window shopping, Cooksville for diverse festivals and restaurants, and of course, the downtown district for a fun night out. 

Neighbourhoods in Mississauga

Economy in Mississauga

Mississauga isn’t growing and thriving on chance. Mississauga’s economic growth and stability have been meticulously planned and executed for decades and show no sign of slowing down.

The city’s Economic Development Board is currently working through a comprehensive five-year strategic plan (2020-2025) to intentionally attract global businesses, build reliable infrastructure, give businesses incentives to create innovative products and technology, and attract talented people from all over the world.

In short, when you move to Mississauga, you don’t have to search for opportunities to be a part of an innovative and progressive lifestyle. The evolution of technology, the global marketplace, and progressive infrastructure is developing all around you.

Climate / Weather in Mississauga

Mississauga and the surrounding cities enjoy a moderate climate. Unlike Canadian cities like Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton that get more snowfall and have lower average temperatures, Mississauga averages around 8°C, with summer highs in the mid 20°s and winter lows around -10°.

For Canadian families, Mississauga’s weather allows you to enjoy the outdoors almost every day of the year (with the right winter gear, of course!).

Transportation in Mississauga

To compete with the extensive public transportation options in downtown Toronto, Mississauga has been actively expanding its services with its MiWay transportation system

MiWay focuses on providing the most convenient transportation, taking into account kids and teens who access the system to get to school, holiday service changes to align with seasonal transportation needs, and technology that makes public transit easier and more convenient, like being able to check whether your bus is full before you even leave for the bus stop.

Need to take a train or head into Toronto? You can easily connect from the MiWay system to the TTC.

Housing in Mississauga

As usual, Mississauga is at the forefront of development, acknowledging and proactively planning to expand housing needs within the city.

While Mississauga already has houses, condos, and apartments to suit the needs of almost any average budget, the city’s planning committee is already investigating how to expand its housing options and open up availability for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to find affordable shelter. New construction projects are being approved each year.

The new initiatives also open up additional ways for families to save money or earn additional revenue; the city is permitting garage suite conversions and secondary dwellings built on existing premises, as well as opening up ways for families to co-own property and more economically share living spaces.

Mississauga Demographics

The sixth-largest city in the country by population, Mississauga boasts a rich diversity of cultures, religions and languages. This is due to the city’s proactivity in attracting talented inventors, engineers, company owners, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. More than half of Mississauga’s residents are non-European.

Mississauga Demographics

For newcomers or those relocating, this means that no matter your race or background, you’ll likely find people who share your values and traditions. Moreover, differences are welcomed and even celebrated in Mississauga.

*All statistical data generated from Statistics Canada

Proximity to the Airport

If you’re a traveller or if you take frequent business trips, being close to Toronto Pearson Airport is a perk. You can quickly travel by car or conveniently travel by MiWay bus to Pearson without the hassle of Ubers or multiple transfers from almost anywhere in the city.

Excellent Schools and Educational Opportunities

Canada’s public education system is highly regarded as one of the best education systems in the world. If your family would like to take advantage of the excellent public school system, you can enroll your children in either English or French language learning environments. Mississauga also has schools within the provincial Catholic School Board, available to all children in the Province free of charge.

But Mississauga also has an extensive and growing list of private schools. These schools are generally focused on:

  • Alternative Teaching Methods (Montessori, Cambridge, Excelled Learning, etc)
  • Faith-based Schools (Christian, Jewish, Islamic schools, etc)
  • Special Needs Schools (for students with ADHD, Autism, etc)

Mississauga is also home to a local campus of the University of Toronto, Lambton College, and Sheridan College.

The future is bright in Mississauga! If you decide you would like to explore the possibility of living in Mississauga, we would be thrilled to help you! Get your house hunt started today with one of Justo’s friendly realtors. Contact us and we’ll start looking for your next home or condo at a cost you can afford.

By Justo Team

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