Pros and Cons of Living in Ontario

Pros and Cons of Living in Ontario

Justo Team | August 5, 2022

Ontario is known as the Province of Opportunity, so it’s no surprise that many Canadians think about moving to one of its many major cities at some point. The truth is that Ontario is among the best places to live in Canada because it offers a great combination of stability, nature, and entertainment.

With the above in mind, there are many elements you should consider if you’re planning on moving to or staying in Ontario.

A peaceful city street in Canada

For new residents, this means figuring out the advantages of moving to Ontario, which range from a high-quality, province-wide public transport network and a low crime rate in many of its major cities.

Current Ontario residents, on the other hand, may need to escape city life and discover the natural side of the province. The contrary is also true, with many Ontario residents moving to Toronto, the provincial capital city, and other big cities in order to grow professionally.

This article will cover the pros and cons of living in Ontario, Canada. We’ll also share everything you need to know about Ontario, briefly compare it to other provinces, and tell you what you need to do to find property in this region.

About Ontario, Canada

Ontario is located in the east-central part of Canada, and like many other provinces, it boasts of superb natural attractions. Additionally, the province is also one of the most densely populated and it’s home to Canada’s largest city by population as well as the country’s capital.

Packed with national parks and attractive tourist destinations like Niagara Falls, Ontario also offers great public schools, free healthcare, and the ability to live a rural or urban life. That said, there are many other elements you need to keep into consideration, especially if you’re thinking about moving to any of the main cities.

Living in Ontario: Pros and Cons

What are the benefits of living in Ontario?

Most Canadians view Ontario as a great place to grow professionally and form a family for a wide number of reasons. Unlike some western countries, nature plays a huge role in major cities in Canada and Ontario offers the opportunity to live a big city life while still enjoying natural resources like Lake Ontario, Lake Superior, and other great places to spend a family day in.

Let’s go over five advantages of living in Ontario, Canada.

Pros of Living in Ontario

Ontario is a large province and its home to a large number of big cities as well as small towns. Canada is regarded as a multicultural country and Ontario is a great representation as the area has a diverse population that supports innovative social initiatives.

Pros of Living in Ontario

Not only this, but the province produces a large percentage of the food its residents consume, which leads to relatively low grocery costs that help offset rising housing prices.

Here are five reasons why Ontario is consistently ranked among the best places to live in Canada.

1. Job Opportunities

Most people want to achieve enough financial stability to enjoy life and provide certain experiences for their families. Ontario is home to some of the best cities in Canada from a professional growth perspective, including Toronto, Ottawa, London, and Hamilton, just to name a few.

Toronto, specifically, may be regarded as an expensive city, but in addition to adhering to the province’s minimum wage requirements, many companies offer very competitive salaries in order to attract the best talent.

2. Natural Wonders

While Ontario’s wonders may not have the same reputation as Banff National Park, there is no doubt that the province is full of amazing natural sights. This includes the aforementioned lakes as well as Flowerpot Island, Petroglyphs Provincial Park, and Ouimet Canyon among other amazing sites.

The best part is that there are so many great Canadian cities in this province that you can always move to a conurbation with easy access to one or more of these natural attractions.

3. Choice of Preferred Lifestyle

It’s not only that Ontario, Canada, offers high-paying job opportunities. Toronto and other major cities in Ontario generate a huge amount of business through a huge scope of industries.

Not only this, but Canadian schools are known for their high level of education and Ontario is no exception. The province also has a large number of private schools which are ranked among the top across our vast country.

This is complemented by a huge number of great family amenities, like amusement parks, outdoor spaces for your people, and other activities that don’t have a high cost. In short, Canadian children and all other Ontario residents can choose to live a certain lifestyle and are almost always guaranteed to find great opportunities following their dreams.

4. Great Healthcare

Canada has a publicly-funded healthcare system. But, the extent and coverage of the free healthcare system vary from one province to the next.

ontario’s healthcare program

The good news is that Ontario is known for having a great universal healthcare program. Private health insurance plans are still available to everyone. But, it’s worth noting that all Canadians and permanent Canadian residents can apply to the universal healthcare program in Ontario and take advantage of its benefits.

5. Overall Family-Friendliness

Canada is an amazing country for young families and Ontario is no exception. In addition to a large number of amenities in major cities, families also enjoy various tax credits and benefits that help reduce the financial burden.

Cons of Living in Ontario

What are the cons of living in Ontario?

While it’s true that it’s an amazing place to live, there are a few bad things about Ontario you need to keep in mind.

1. The Weather

If you live in Ontario, you’re bound to experience cold weather a large percentage of the time. This fluctuates from year to year in terms of severity, but it’s important to note that Ontario is also known for having hot summers. So, you also get to enjoy the other side of the spectrum.

2. Potential Living Costs

We’ve touched on this briefly, but some cities in Ontario are regarded as being on the more expensive side of the spectrum. That said, remember that cities with high living costs also tend to provide higher-paying jobs, for example, Toronto.

3. Population Density, In Some Areas

Not only is Toronto the biggest city in terms of population, but many areas in Ontario are among the most densely populated in the country. The most densely populated places are usually located in or close to large cities, but you should speak with a real estate agent if you want to ensure that you have enough outdoor space around you.


From great entertainment options like sporting events to beautiful parliament buildings and a large number of young people, living in Ontario is a great alternative. While some provinces are a lot cheaper, Ontario is among the few that offer the ability to grow as professional and easy access to natural wonders at the same time.

To learn more about housing costs or how provincial sales tax impacts the purchase of property in Ontario, contact us today. Our team of experts will be glad to help.

By Justo Team

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