New trend in GTA Real Estate: Agents are including home inspections as part of their service

New trend in GTA Real Estate: Agents are including home inspections as part of their service

Justo Team | January 6, 2020

Like many home buyers, Diana did a great deal of searching before finding the perfect place. It checked all of her boxes and the asking price was well below what she could afford. Knowing there would be many people interested in the place, she wanted to make her offer as appealing as possible. To do so, she considered doing something many prospective buyers have done before in a competitive market: Waiving the home inspection condition.

“This is a growing problem, with many people willing to take a big gamble in order to push their way into the housing market,” said Mike Holmes, HGTV star and owner of Mike Holmes Inspections. “In such a competitive market, prospective buyers will often make compromises when making offers in order to have the winning bid, and waiving the inspection is very common. But more often than not, it can be disastrous for the buyer.”

Fortunately, Diana was saved from disaster thanks to her agent from Justo, a new brokerage that is bringing fairness and transparency to the GTA real estate market. Understanding the potential for hidden problems in resale homes, Justo provided Diana with a professional home inspection from Mike Holmes Inspections. 

Inspectors from Mike Holmes Inspections are accredited in their field and are members of professional associations recognized throughout Canada and the United States. They have successfully completed stringent technical assessment tests and are trained to use specialized equipment to detect problems that the naked eye can’t see. and are performed with the protection of your investment in mind. 

“They really saved me,” said Diana. “I was so desperate to get the house that I was willing to take a huge risk. Lucky for me, my agent insisted on the inspection, because we found mold in the basement, some water damage, and the roof was in pretty bad shape.”

All told, the repairs would have set Diana back over $15,000. Thanks to the inspection however, they were able to renegotiate the price to account for the needed repairs, and Diana and her family are now living in their dream home.

While Diana’s story has a happy ending, many before her have gambled and lost. This is one of the many reasons that Justo was launched; in an effort to put the customer first, Justo is starting a new trend, offering superior, full service at lower fees. 

“We want to offer buyers the best-possible experience,” said Daphne de Groot, CEO of Justo. “Providing quality inspection services through our partnership with Mike Holmes Inspections ensures customers are receiving superior home inspections from one of the most trusted names in the industry.”

Justo includes home inspection & lawyer fees as part of their exclusive cashback offer to home buyers. The full-service brokerage is disrupting the GTA real estate industry with a focus on fairness and transparency. The Canadian-owned company offers low listing fees for sellers and large cashback for buyers. 

When Justo represents a buyer, they split their commission (which is paid by the seller) 50/50, giving the buyer thousands in cashback. This means a typical Justo buyer would receive $12,500 cashback on the purchase of a $1 Million home.

Sellers working with a Justo agent pay only 1.25% and receive a bundle of free services like free staging, 3D virtual tours, professional photography and online marketing.  Best of all, Justo customers are under no obligation and can change agents at any time. It’s a trend that Justo hopes will catch on, giving customers more for less.

*In addition to the listing fee, the seller also pays a buyer’s agent commission, set by the seller, but commonly 2.5% + HST.  HST is applicable on all commissions. All commissions are negotiable.

By Justo Team

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