JUSTO press release

JUSTO press release

Justo Team | November 13, 2018



New concept offers premium service, low rates that are fair and transparent, and a advanced MLS search engine for buyers and sellers

TORONTO, CANADA | November 13th, 2018 – Justo Inc. Brokerage, Toronto’s newest real estate model, raised over $4.5M in order to disrupt the residential real estate market in the GTA. They are launching their client-centric platform, offering cashback to buyers and transparent low rates for sellers. Justo’s unique model utilizes real time data and a sophisticated algorithm to determine the best selling price helping their clients make better and more informed decisions.  Their all inclusive service model bundles some of the extra fees associated with buying and selling a home at no additional cost including home inspections, staging and lawyers fees, allowing customer to have a more efficient and streamlined experience.


“Justo is changing the way people will buy and sell homes in Toronto” CEO Daphne De Groot says. “The real estate industry is at a turning point, and the Justo model puts cash back in home buyers’ pockets and gives sellers a better fee and a target price guarantee.”


The average GTA home is selling for approximately $850,000. Using the Justo model, the buyer will be represented by an agent with more than a decade of local experience, home inspection and lawyers fees included, and approximately $6,250 in cashback. In the traditional model, agents earn more the higher their clients purchase for. With Justo, the higher the price of the home, the more cash back the buyer can get. For example, for a $2M home, the buyer could receive approximately $35,000.


For home sellers, Justo charges only 1.5% instead of the typical 2.5% listing fee. In addition, the seller will get photography, 3D tour, staging and lawyers fees at no extra cost. Justo stands behind its analytics and marketing capabilities for each listing, offering a 30-day target price guarantee and dropping the commission by another 0.5% if the home does not sell within 30 days at the target price or higher.


“Justo’s concept makes a lot of sense. Buyers and sellers are looking for something different, something that is more rewarding for them,” says Vicki Schmidt, Justo Broker of Record. “Technology and accessibility to data is allowing people to be more involved in the real estate process, so sharing the commission with our clients makes sense.”


The unique business model launched this month and is gaining traction. “We use the power of information, technology, and efficiency to lower our costs and pass on the savings to our clients,” De Groot adds.


We believe that all the above will lead to the Optimal Deal for our clients. It makes sense to sell and buy with the Justo model.


*Justo is derived from the Latin word Justus, meaning fair and transparent, which is the foundation upon which the company is built.

By Justo Team

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