Justo is spreading the wealth beyond the top 10 percent

Justo is spreading the wealth beyond the top 10 percent

Justo Team | January 21, 2019

To the average homeowner, it would seem that Realtors have a sweet deal. An explosion in the housing market and new technological advancements have made buying and selling homes much easier, and much more lucrative, for agents.

And yet last year, more than half of all TREB registered agents sold only one home, or none at all. A large percentage sold three or fewer.

Take a drive around any neighbourhood and you’ll likely get a sense of why this is. A quick scan of for sale signs and you’ll likely see the same face smiling at you on eight out of ten of them.

This is the fundamental challenge for the bulk of GTA agents; a mere 10 percent of them are responsible for roughly 90 percent of real estate transactions in the region.

To be fair, those at the top have more than earned their success; they’ve clawed their way up the ranks, through high interest rates and down markets, to establish themselves as the go-to agents in their various localities.

But what does that mean for the rest of the field? We don’t mean the part-timers who have their license in order to help out friends and family on the odd transaction. We’re talking about the young up-and-comers eager to make a career out of real estate but prohibited by the costs of marketing themselves in a very crowded and competitive marketplace. In an industry dominated by a select few, how can anyone hope to break through?

One new player in the space believes it has the answer. Justo Inc. Brokerage is Toronto’s newest real estate concept. They are working hard to disrupt the residential market in the GTA by leveraging technology to streamline the sales process, enabling them to charge sellers far lower listing fees, offer free value-added services like staging, home inspections and lawyers fees, and share commissions with their buyers, giving them half of their commission in cash back upon closing.

But the disruption doesn’t only apply to clients; their model is changing the game for agents as well.

“Justo is derived from the latin word Justus, meaning fair and transparent, which is the foundation upon which the company is built,” said  Vicki Schmidt, co-founder and Justo Broker of Record. “And with this foundation, we’re not simply looking at making the process more fair for buyers and sellers, but for agents as well. There are many talented agents out there, and we’re hoping to provide them with the opportunity they’ve been lacking until now.”

It’s an opportunity that aims to level the playing field and spread the wealth out more equitably throughout the industry.

Unlike existing brokerages where agents must fend for themselves, Justo takes the lead, providing its agents with leads, marketing support, and a back office, so rather than constantly worrying about that next deal, they can instead focus on providing outstanding, personalized customer service for their existing clients.Justo also takes on any risk, by covering additional marketing costs like MLS listing, staging, and professional photography, costs that might be lost by independent agents if the home doesn’t sell in a timely manner. They also offer a welcome change to the isolation that comes from working independently.

“I love the client interaction and feeling of satisfaction that comes with finding my buyers the perfect home, or getting an amazing price for my sellers, but when I was on my own, so much of my time was spent on finding that next listing, rather than servicing the clients I already had,” said Hiba Kamal, Broker and senior agent with Justo. “So I jumped at the chance to work with Justo. Here, I really get to focus on the parts of the job that I love, and have an amazing team supporting me to make sure my clients have an incredible experience working with us.”

Justo’s agents have exclusivity in within their territories, and are afforded the opportunity to build their own teams as demand increases, providing strong growth potential and residual income on top of their own deals.

With Toronto homeowners rapidly catching on to Justo’s fair and transparent model, the company is seeking enthusiastic, experienced agents to service its growing clientele. Things are changing, and you can be a part of this real estate revolution. If you are interested in joining the Justo team, visit justo.ca or email your resume to us at hello@justo.ca

Originally published on https://www.remonline.com/sponsored-new-brokerage-is-creating-lucrative-opportunities-for-many-more-agents/?fbclid=IwAR2Um-dST6pOMJrtoay8yQglon7BNLxUK04-vxxPD5s6IEddU2BV-ZzmEbA

By Justo Team

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