How to Find the Best Places to Live in Toronto?

How to Find the Best Places to Live in Toronto?

Justo Team | September 26, 2018

Checking the best places to live in Toronto for your family can be a lengthy and challenging process. The property you should buy requires the perfect balance between price and features of the house, taking into account the neighbourhood considerately.

Our aim with this article is to help you with making a smart choice for a pleasant and affordable place to live in Toronto.  On top of that, we’ve decided to do some research on most trending neighbourhoods in Toronto, looked at from our point of view as locals with years of experience in the housing market.

Personal Research is Essential

Studies have shown that people with strong connections to family and friends in a community are consistently happier than those without social ties. That’s why our top one recommendation for finding the best places to live in Toronto, is to check out the local community.  Feel the energy of the area to see if your family would be a fit. Also, try the commute at the exact times you would when living in the area. Google Maps might show you some pretty accurate travel times but get the hang of your daily trips by actually driving it.

The local community and schools might have a great calendar of activities or Facebook groups with thousands of people, but do take a Sunday stroll in your preferred neighbourhood and talk to the people who live there. This is the only way to learn what’s going on in the area.

Don’t Think Now, Think Next Year

A quote from Ann Hannah, the President of the Toronto Real Estate Board, says it all really: “The allure of Toronto real estate has contributed to our city’s high ranking in a range of independent international surveys. Toronto consistently achieves top marks on a global scale and, in doing so, continues to attract buyers from all over the world.” That, together with the fact that Toronto is one of the most promising economies, brings us to the sore point of housing prices. When looking for the best places to live in Toronto, we recommend to keep an eye on construction in the area and more specifically for big players investing there as well. Simply put: if a major food chain is building there, there is a good chance that the area is up and coming. Heard of the term “spill-over market”? Check it out, because when prices are skyrocketing in one neighbourhood, it’s pretty reliable to check the surrounding ones for lower rates and thus more growth soon. We’ve listed three areas of which we think they’re a pretty good bet as some of the best places to live in Toronto.

  • Yonge & Sheppard

Although a bit up north, Yonge & Sheppard is only 30 mins from downtown Toronto and very TTC accessible (Sheppard to Dundas Station). This is also precisely why you can still get good prices in this neighbourhood. Condo development has been increasing over the past few years, and there is more construction planned.

  • Leslieville East

If you have the patience and are not afraid of living in a place that is under construction at the moment, then go east of Leslieville. Prices are currently still really low, but the neighbourhood is growing, and we are confident that this area will be hot, not that long from now.

  • Birch Cliff

Houses might be rather expensive in this cute neighbourhood, but you can still get a good deal for condos here. We expect that the condos in Birch Cliff are going to be significant in the next years, with businesses and jobs following the families moving here. Currently, there is already a small hospitality scene with some nightlife starting to pop up. So, check it out before it’s too late.

To wrap up, we recommend not to look only at your wallet or your dream house when taking the big step. Do some good and thorough research on the areas in Toronto before you apply for a mortgage.

At Justo, we care about a different and fair real estate system. This is why we offer you unique content that can help you make a right and balanced decision when it comes to your home. We’re ready to help if you’d like advice to find the best places to live in Toronto and more when searching the housing market. As residents and local real estate experts in Toronto, we’re familiar with the neighborhoods and nuances of Toronto and outlying areas.

By Justo Team

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