Here’s how one Canadian company wants to change real estate forever

Here’s how one Canadian company wants to change real estate forever

Justo Team | February 13, 2019

Head’s up, Toronto — there’s a new real estate concept that is disrupting the residential real estate market here in the GTA, and it could make your life easier and save you a bunch of money.

Picture this.

Let’s say you’re buying a home for $1,000,000. (Also: Congratulations!) Your real estate agent closes the deal, and instead of giving you the usual gift card to buy decor, furniture, or something for the home, they give you something far greater — a little over $12,500 in cash

This is now a reality, thanks to Justo Inc Brokerage.

For those selling their homes, Justo Inc Brokerage dramatically reduces commission paid to real estate agents, and for those looking to buy a home, Justo agents split their commission 50/50 with their clients.

This means rather than paying the usual 2.5% listing fee when selling their home, sellers will only pay a 1.25% listing fee, and when buying a home, rather than real estate agents keeping the entire 2.5% commission (paid by the seller), Justo’s agents will split it with you so you get 1.25% of the sale price. Justo’s all-inclusive model also provides buyers with free home inspections and lawyer fees.

Justo aims to be the Amazon or Uber for real estate, and it has never been more relevant than in our overzealous and tech-focused real estate market. It just(o) makes sense.

The agents at Justo are all licensed and experienced professionals, and the hassle-free model of Justo means that the brokerage covers the cost of staging, professional photography, 3D virtual tours, MLS listings, and traditional marketing to their sellers, saving them thousands of additional dollars.

Justo’s Co-Founder and CEO, Daphne De Groot says, “With the housing boom over the past 15 years, agents are making multiple times the commissions for less work, due to technology and availability of information making buying and selling homes easier. We just don’t believe it should cost someone the equivalent of a year’s salary to sell their home.”

The most exciting part of Justo is that it can significantly lower the costs of buying and selling properties, while still making sure their clients get the best possible deals. It’s hard to get mad at that. Check out Justo’s website for more information.

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