Five Reasons to Invest in the Mississauga, Ontario Real Estate Market

Five Reasons to Invest in the Mississauga, Ontario Real Estate Market

Justo Team | October 30, 2021

Mississauga, Ontario real estate demands have been steadily increasing year after year. The 905 area is known in particular for residents searching for suburban areas with city vibes, with new infrastructure and developments improving liveability and creating new housing demands.

Are you considering becoming a real estate investor in Mississauga?

Mississauga is one of the most promising real estate markets in Canada with prices that are still a little lower per square meter than in the City of Toronto. The city is one of Canada’s fastest-growing places, characterized by residential neighbourhoods with plenty of greenery mixed with commercial zones full of everything the community wants and needs.

Mississauga vs Toronto Real Estate Prices

Prices in both the Mississauga and Toronto markets have been volatile, increasing more this past quarter than any other three-month stretch in the past two years. A few numbers to consider:

  • Average price of a Mississauga home on November 13, 2021. – $1,000,000
  • Monthly increase – 3.2%
  • Quarterly increase – 12.2%
  • Yearly increase – 16.3%
  • Average price of a Toronto home on November 13, 2021. – $1,200,000
  • Monthly increase – 4%
  • Quarterly increase – 15.6%
  • Yearly increase – 18.1%

While both markets are increasing quickly, Mississauga is still more affordable than Toronto, especially for residents willing to live outside the city center. This makes real estate investment in Mississauga easier, since you may be able to find a deal on a property outside of the downtown city centre but that will still be desirable to potential residents.

If you’re still wondering if Mississauga is the right place for your investment or business, let us show you why we believe that Toronto’s neighbour to the west is a smart decision for almost anyone looking to purchase real estate.

Invest in Mississauga Real Estate

Five Reasons You Should Invest in Mississauga Real Estate

It’s our opinion that Mississauga is one of the best places to invest in Ontario. This article will explore our top five reasons why we encourage our clients to consider Mississauga when they are looking for real estate investments.

  1. Interest Rates Have Never Been Lower
    It’s true; interest rates are lower than we’ve seen them in years. If you plan to finance, well-qualified buyers can secure interest rates around 2% for 5-year terms, but it’s possible to find rates as low as 1.5%, virtually unheard of 10 years ago.

    While this isn’t a statistic that applies only to Mississauga, it is a reason to move quickly, as rates could increase at any time. If you’re looking for an investment property, our brokerage will be glad to help you look. With information on new builds, the best existing buildings, and up-and-coming neighbourhoods, you don’t need to guess what might be right for you. 

Contact us today and let’s get started on finding you the perfect investment property today!

  1. Mississauga’s Population Is Very Diverse
    Canada will open the borders to over 1 million immigrants in the next 2 years, making this an ideal time to invest in property that will be attractive to newcomers. Mississauga’s population is exceptionally diverse, even among the many cities that make up the GTA, one of the most diverse populations in the world. It’s estimated (based on Government of Canada Census Data) that around half the population speaks at least one other language besides English or French, so immigrants will likely feel at home in Mississauga, and find other people from their home country or ethnic background.
  2. Mississauga Has Protected Its Natural Waterfront and Green Spaces
    While it may seem like development is happening in the GTA and downtown Toronto faster than we ever imagined, Mississauga is taking great care to preserve the recreational land and waterfront it has, seeing it as a right of the patrons of the community rather than commercial property that can be sold for future condos or business developments.

    Mississauga has almost 500 parks and 23 major trail systems, as well as waterfront trails that are so extensive, you could explore them for a lifetime.
  3. Mississauga Crime Rates Are Low
    Mississauga’s neighbourhoods are known for their safety and have been for over 20 years. While the country’s crime rates are steadily increasing, Mississauga’s have decreased when compared to the national averages. In fact, Mississauga’s crime rates are 55% lower than Canada’s average, and it’s safer than 73% of the rest of the country.

    Whether you plan to live in Calgary, or if you’re planning to purchase a condo or home to rent or eventually sell, you don’t want to worry about break-ins or violent crime directed at your tenants or property. Mississauga’s crime rate provides you with some amount of security.
  4. Prices Are Likely to Continue to Rise
    While the pandemic and other factors have contributed to GTA real estate market prices skyrocketing over the last 2 years, the cost of housing is also due in part to supply and demand issues across Ontario. As long as immigrants and young people leaving the nest flock to the GTA by the hundreds of thousands each year, the market value of homes will continue to increase. The cities and towns surrounding Toronto proper are becoming saturated. The resale market is booming, and new builds seem to be happening anywhere there’s a postage stamp’s worth of property available.

    Investors aren’t wasting time spending money building new properties in Mississauga, and almost every neighbourhood has properties that are selling quickly.

Mississauga provides plenty of real estate investing opportunities, from new detached house builds to condo purchases to complete commercial developments. Location, proximity to Toronto, the many amenities of Mississauga, treat transportation options, and plenty of areas to enjoy Lake Ontario and parklands all benefit residents. People who move to Mississauga are likely to remain, so investing in this desirable city can be an excellent long-term financial strategy for you.

If you’re considering investing, now is the time! Interest rates are low and market prices will likely continue to climb.  Contact a Justo agent today  to discuss your investment options and get market reports. We’ll ensure you’re ready to make an offer the minute you find the right investment property for you.

By Justo Team

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