Every Home Bought or Sold by Justo Helps The Marner Assist Fund

Every Home Bought or Sold by Justo Helps The Marner Assist Fund

Justo Team | March 26, 2021

Change is inevitable, even for the decades-old business model used by real estate brokerages. When Daphne De Groot moved to Canada, she experienced first-hand the difficulties of finding a home in Ontario. It became apparent, too, that the real estate industry had not kept up with the times. For sure, it could be better.

Seeing an opportunity, De Groot founded Justo using an innovative business model. In only a few years, the company quickly rose to become a well-regarded residential real estate brokerage in the Greater Toronto Area and London. With Justo, finding or selling a home has never been easier.

Empowering Children and Youth

Toronto is touted as a city of great wealth but also of great poverty. Among Canadian cities in 2017, it ranked second with the highest poverty rate for children. For Aldo de Jong, the co-CEO of Justo, it is personal, and he knows this too well.

“In my first year in Toronto, I worked as a volunteer at a food bank,” de Jong said. “This is when I learned that 1 out of 4 children in the city lived in poverty and need our help.”

De Groot, who always had an affinity for vulnerable beings, shares a similar view. When she grew up, she collected stray dogs and cats even at a very young age. “This, in turn, expanded into volunteering for several years with underprivileged children at a rehabilitation centre for marine animals,” she said.

Together, they incorporated compassion into the DNA of their business. Being a successful real estate brokerage is not merely about closing sales. It is also about giving back to the community. Their commitment to social responsibility is evident. For every home bought or sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to an organization uplifting the lives of children living in poverty, the Marner Assist Fund

Marner Assist Fund

No one doubts that sports promote health and well-being. More importantly, it is a powerful means of building social capital. The family has the most positive influence on the lives of the youth, most Canadians believe. Sports is second. Furthermore, young people can identify with their idols and heroes. These are the people who are in a unique position to be role models, fostering positive development opportunities. Unfortunately, not every child in Toronto could partake in sporting activities.

Toronto is undoubtedly a hockey-crazed city. Not surprisingly, three of the Toronto Maple Leafs stars, led by Mitch Marner, are among the most mentioned players during the 2019-2020 NHL season on Twitter.

“They help people find great homes by changing the real estate game. But even better, they do it while giving back to the community.” – Mitch Marner

Marner’s extraordinary exploits are well-documented. Not many, however, are aware that he has put in the time and exerted great effort at supporting children and youth. Through the Marner Assist Fund, many children in challenging positions receive the support they need in social care, health, sports and education. As a positive role model, he is as real as it gets.

When asked why Justo Brokerage specifically chose the Marner Assist Fund, de Jong had this to say. “I learned from a friend that there are lots of children, especially newcomers who cannot afford to play sports. It is why they set up the Hockey 4 Youth Foundation to provide children who otherwise would not be able to play hockey with equipment. It is great that the Marner Assist Fund is addressing this as well.”

“Marner Assist Fund is unique in a sense because of Mitch Marner, who is behind its mission,” De Groot added. “So many children look up to the great athletes like Mitch. He, in turn, sets a great example by touching many children’s hearts. This virtuous cycle resonates so well with our principles. As a result, we are sure that the funds can go a long way.”

The partnership between the Maple Leafs star and leading Toronto real estate brokerage is a match made in heaven. Marner, De Groot and everyone in Justo, believes that being successful is not measured by profits.

“In the past, the prevailing preconception was that companies must be driven solely by profit,” De Groot explained. “Today, we live in an era whereby leading companies strive for social impact and contributing to societal growth, just as much as delivering healthy profits.”

“It means a lot to me that we can not only help our clients buy or sell the home they want for a more reasonable commission,” de Jong said. “We are committed to giving back to the community with every transaction through the Marner Assist Fund.” 

Justo Makes It Easy to Find, Buy, or Sell Homes

There are a few things that Justo implemented that made them the real estate brokerage with the highest customer satisfaction in Ontario. The use of advanced technology and artificial intelligence streamlined the process for both sellers and buyers. As a result, selling a property or searching for a home is convenient.

Most especially during the pandemic, many companies have resorted to cost-cutting. It is, unfortunately, a measure that negatively impacts the employees and services provided to customers. Justo, on the other hand, has a streamlined process that kept them growing. Even during these challenging times, their business model has proven to be sustainable. They continue to provide full-service while giving buyers a 50% cashback on the agent’s commission. As for sellers, they typically pay half of the usual listing fees.

By Justo Team

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