Choosing Greenery Over the Concrete Jungle

Choosing Greenery Over the Concrete Jungle

Justo Team | August 20, 2021

Is city life really for you?

For many of us, city life provides us employment. So we leave our small towns or country living for the concrete jungle. Often a term used to describe New York City, Toronto is its own concrete jungle, a place where you can get lost amongst the bricks and cement, with buildings on all sides of you.

But there’s another world out there; one that’s green and lush and full of nature and trees. The country, or small town life, where the days seem to go by a little slower.

So what’s the best choice for you?

There are pros and cons to both lifestyles. In this article, we’re going to explore the best parts of city living and country living, and point out a few things to consider when you’re looking at properties in each type of neighbourhood.

City Living


  • There are better job opportunities. Employment is a common reason for moving to a city, especially for professionals looking to climb the corporate ladder. For general labourers, there are lots of jobs in many sectors, like food service, delivery, city parks and maintenance, and construction. Cities have a high need for tradespeople, like plumbers and electricians, too!
  • There are many home types to choose from at many different price points. While cities do tend to be more expensive overall, there are often small apartments or shared living situations you can’t find in small towns. Chances are good you can find some kind of living situation in your price range within city limits.
  • You can save money by taking transit or using your feet! If you like to walk, cities give you the opportunity to forgo a car (and all the payments that come with it) and use city transit or good old foot power instead.
  • There are more amenities available. Want Chinese food at 2am? Done. Need heart shaped buttons for that art project? Looking for Korean noodles to make that recipe you saw online? Want to hit up an authentic Polish bakery? Done. Done. And done.
  • Cities are beautiful. With art installations, spectacular night lights, and skyscrapers that are truly works of art, cities, while different than the beauty of nature, have a visual appeal as well.
  • Cities tend to be diverse. Is your hometown getting a bit monotonous? Often, small town are full of similar people with similar experiences. City life gives you the chance to break free and see and try new things while getting to know people from all over the world.
  • There is often access to more educational opportunities. Most universities and colleges are located in large cities. If you want to take a class, learn a skill, or earn a certificate, there are more opportunities to do these things in cities.
  • There’s always something to do. Want to go to a museum or zoo? There’s likely at least a few to choose from. Weekend festivals, pop-up shops, and new restaurants will keep you busy every weekend, if you want.
  • You’ll likely find people like you. Cities are full of so many kinds of people that you’re bound to find those who like the things you like, or even come from the place you came from!
  • Cities tend to offer better access to healthcare; hospitals and specialists tend to be located in cities, so people who need regular care might find cities more convenient.
City Living

Country / Small Town Life


  • Small towns are more affordable. While earning potential may be lower, the cost of living is also lower. You might have an easier time saving money if you live in the country.
  • Smaller towns tend to be safer with fewer instances of crime and violence.
  • Small towns are usually quieter with less noise pollution than cities, so if you like peace and quiet, small towns might be more your speed.
  • The fresh air abounds! If you’re in the country or in a small town, you’ll have less city pollution, like construction zones and exhaust from cars and busses/
  • Small towns have a good sense of community. While people in cities can also find community, there’s something about small towns that is special — people tend to know one another and eventually, develop a history with one another that isn’t easily replicated.
  • Country living gives you plenty of alone time — if that’s your thing. If you like to spend time alone and don’t enjoy chatting with someone in the grocery store line, you may want to stay out of the city.
  • Country life offers better access to fresh foods. You’re likely to be able to shop local food many months of the year, and maybe even know the farmers who grow your fruits and vegetables. You can also get fresh foods in the city, but they come at a premium.

So how do you know where you want to live? We believe it comes down to your imagination. You have to imagine yourself in each kind of life, and consider your own personal needs. 

At Justo, someof us live in the downtown area of cities and others outside the core in more green areas. We all recognize that a time could come when our current situations might no longer work for us. We all have our own reasons for this. So there’s no right or wrong place to live. Our agents are excited to help you figure out how to best balance your priorities in your home search.

When you’re trying to decide what’s best for you, consider your current living situation and your family (or future family). How do you want your life to look?

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Is it important to you to stay in a town where you know people? Do you have friends in a small town that you want to stay tight with? You may not ever be able to replace those relationships if you move into a city.

Do you want your kids to grow up on a quiet, small town street where they can learn to ride bikes?

Would you like to live minutes from your parents or extended family? 

How important is quiet to you?

Can you make significant career advances where you currently live?

Can you study and learn about things you want to or does that require a move?

Are you craving more peace and quiet? More nightlife? What is missing in your life that you’re craving?

Hybrid Living

Here’s an interesting option for you: find a hybrid lifestyle. Not everything has to be one or the other. You can live close to the city but far enough away to experience the peace and quiet of the countryside. You can also find a smaller city that feels a bit more like a small town. Need to live in the city, but also want your personal space and some quiet? Places to live along city parks and green spaces make city life tolerable for those who really love the country.

A few options for Toronto hybrid living:

  • High Park – One of the most expansive parks in Toronto has houses on all sides. This is a great neighbourhood if you want to be able to step into the park for a run or bike ride, or to listen to the birds early in the morning.
  • The Beaches – Live on the beach – literally. You can have a Jersey Shore-esque lifestyle right here in the GTA (with fewer amusement rides and a lot less muscle-tees).
  • Toronto Islands – Just off the downtown shore you’ll find some magical little islands surrounded by Lake Ontario. Really want some peace and quiet? Find yourself a cottage or year-round home on these islands and fall asleep to the sound of the waves each night.

There are many ways to live happily. Justo’s helpful realtors are here to help you discover them all! Let us know what lifestyle you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to find you a place to live that lets you feel at peace — even if your peace is the hustle and bustle of big city life!

By Justo Team

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