All’s fair in love and real estate

All’s fair in love and real estate

Justo Team | February 15, 2019

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re also on the eve of the spring real estate blitz. This got us thinking about the similarities between dating and residential real estate: there are many!

Whether swiping for your next date or searching for the home of your dreams, technology has made both of these types of searches much easier, but also much more complicated.

So, whether you’re looking for your forever match — or for your forever home — the approach is pretty similar. In love and real estate, these eternal truths should be top of mind:

● Fear of commitment — Buying a home, just like starting a relationship, involves a certain level of commitment. Like dating, homebuyers should know how much time they’re willing to invest searching for their next home. Fast flames burn quickly — make sure the love for your home is one that will last.

● He/she didn’t look anything like their picture! — If you’ve used online dating, you’ve probably met people who end up looking nothing like their online photos. The same happens with homes — photos can be misleading. You can’t fall in love online; there is no substitute for that in-person connection.

● Learn from past mistakes — Like in dating, mistakes happen in real estate. Whether missing out on the perfect home or having your offer rejected, love (and sometimes real estate) hurts. It’s important to learn from your past and not repeat the same mistakes.

● Communication is the (house)key — Open and honest communication is the secret ingredient to trust in a romantic relationship. The same goes for the customer/realtor relationship; you want your agent to be available, committed and truthful.

● Stick to your budget — Lovestruck daters may want to wine and dine their new partners, but they can’t always afford the priciest new hot spot. The same applies to real estate: it’s important to concentrate on homes within your price range. After all, bigger mortgages mean less money for those fancy dinner dates.

● Go with your gut — If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Your instincts are usually right — don’t dive into a relationship if you’re not fully committed, and don’t go all-in on a home you that know isn’t your perfect match.

While we can’t help you find love, we can help you find a house you love; be sure to work with a realtor who operates on the principles of fairness and transparency.

Vicki Schmidt is Justo’s COO and broker of record, with more than 20 years of residential, commercial and new construction real estate experience to the firm.

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By Justo Team

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