4 tips to buy or sell a home in the GTA during COVID-19

4 tips to buy or sell a home in the GTA during COVID-19

Justo Team | April 17, 2020

One of the biggest challenges created by the coronavirus is the increased physical isolation and push to stay home. This is giving us an opportunity to discover new ways of doing a lot of things online.

Some of our online activities are already well established, such as, meeting with friends on social media, or taking a university course. Others are much more of a new adjustment, including; meeting with a family doctor, taking a yoga class, or even participating in large parties. 

So how can this trend help home buyers and sellers? In the resale market, at least for the near future, buyers will still want to physically visit a house before purchasing. They want to touch, smell, take in the views, and open the cabinets. There are, however, a lot of ways that large portions of the process can be moved online, and can be made even more efficient and data-driven.

Everybody already uses online platforms to review online data, including information on listings, sold pricing data, financial statistics, and school ratings among others, helping them to become educated consumers. Today, home buyers and sellers can do so much more than that online, safely, and saving a lot of their time.


Justo agents can meet with clients online to discuss market trends in their specific area, seek explanations of the process, collect tips relating to best times to buy or sell, preparing the house for sale, finding a good mortgage, and so on. These conversations carry no obligation or commitment from the inquirer. This link will allow you to schedule a conversation directly into an agent’s calendar. 


Many buyers do not have the time for multiple showings or want to stay safe at home, but still want to see as many options as possible. For these clients, 

Justo agents are offering a unique service where they are going to the selected listings and video conferencing their clients while walking through the house and then sending them the video for their records. 


Justo is providing, as a part of their service and with no extra cost 3D virtual tours to all of our sellers. Mark Steele – Broker of Record “This technology is super cool, buyers can walk in the house almost like they are physically there.” This technology helps home sellers to increase the exposure of their listings, in the MLS, to more buyers. This also allows sellers to reduce the number of physical visits from less relevant buyers. 


Justo is working with other technology startups who are innovating the way the home buying and selling process works. Two examples are Deeded and Homewise. Deeded is streamlining the closing process and is offering closings online, using secure video, so that clients do not need to travel to meet with their lawyers in person to sign documents. Justo clients receive significant discounts when using Deeded. Homewise helps buyers to get the best mortgage, thanks to their digital model which allows them to create bidding wars between lenders, all done online.

In the preconstruction space, since there is no existing physical structure, there are even more opportunities to streamline the purchase process online and Justo’s software developers are working on a new kind of platform for doing that.

These examples, together with many other Justo upgrades, are creating efficiency that leads to substantial financial savings. Justo’s business model allows for those savings to be passed to the clients. This is how Justo can charge only half of the typical listing fee from sellers or to share 50% of their commission with their buyers, while giving them superior service. Hopefully, you are all safe at home and starting to do more online. Feel free to read these e-books on selling or buying homes in your spare time.

By Justo Team

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